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Feb 8 History.

8 Feb

Tonight we made history. For the first time ever, we held our youth service (OXYGEN) in the sanctuary. In preparation for Awaken, our night of worship, which will also be held worship in the sanctuary. It was amazing.

The coolest part of Oxygen is our O2 Groups (small groups). All of our 02 groups meet all over the church on Wednesday night month after worship. Everyone always goes all out to decorate their room and make the night memorable. Tonight I am pretty sure the middle school group, XCEL, won the coolest room of all time award. They created an “underground church” where they talked about persecution and martyrdom.

It was so cool to be a part of this moment in Oxygen History. I’m excited to see what the Lord has in store in the future!


My new love…

1 Apr

First of all, I have OBVIOUSLY failed at being a faithful blogger. However, I am hoping that with my new love entering my life, all that is going to change!

Ladies and Gents…I have finally purchased a new camera!

My faithful comrade in arms, my Nikon D40x, was taken as a POW (Prisoner of War) in March of 2010 when our apartment was broken into! It was a very sad day. My Nikon was my first love. A gift from my parents after I graduated from three years of training at Master’s Commission Atlanta. It was with my Nikon that I first discovered my love for photography. In our time serving together, he thought me the basics of aperture and shutter speed. It was with my Nikon that I first got up the nerve to move into the MANUAL setting of my camera.

(Pause for a moment of silence for my fallen friend)

My loving, wise and gracious husband realized the void left by this tragic loss. On Wednesday he decided it was time that I complete Kubler-Ross’ “Five Stages of Grief Model” and accept my friend was gone forever. So on Wednesday March 3o, 2011 I purchased my CANON 60D.

SO! I had to see what my new friend could do at Oxygen that night. (note: blogger uploader doesn’t display them in max resolution)

Needless to say…I LOVE MY CAMERA! I still have so much to learn and really need to just spend some time playing with it.

Here are just a few more from the night, and hopefully more to come soon.

And hopefully more fun events soon to come! 🙂

Leak Sneak Peek…

7 Jun

Had so much fun and learned a lot shooting the Leaks today!

Here is a little teaser…

(more pics to come soon)


18 Apr

Prom. So many memories. 🙂 Anyway, instead of boring you with my stories, let me show you a few pics from the prom photo shoot I did today! This girls are too cute. They made it so easy! Well here they are, so of my favorite pictures I have ever taken, that just happen to have some of my favorite people in the world in them!!!!! 😉

City Wide Awaken 08.09.08

11 Aug

Here are just a few of my favorite shots from the City Wide Worship night our youth ministry put on:


2 Aug
My first family vacation!

So I am with the Stewarts on vacation in Daytona. It is especially fun because their friends the Meeks are here with their 4 kids and Au Pair from South Africa (Megan). We got here yesterday afternoon and I am just loving it! It is right on Daytona Beach. The rooms are condos (Megan, Shelby and I in one and the rest of the families in the other.

There are two pools outdoor pools, a lazy river, a huge kiddie pool with slides and water fountains, a water slide, a bar and grill, a spa and it connects to the Daytona ocean walk. Pretty much heaven on earth.There are all these fun activities and play areas for the kids too! I have never been anywhere like this! Here are a few pics for the place we staying at (so nice)!

Morgan and her pal Hattlie

My buddy Mason
(long travel day…)

Lobby Area

More pics coming soon!!!!