Feb 1 One Month Anniversary

1 Feb

Happy 1 Month of daily blogging to me!!!!

As follow-up to my first blog of the year, Jay and made it to the last week of January with our rice and beans pledge. We unfortunately broke down and didn’t make it all the way through the month, but we did save $700 in the month of January!  (Thank you Jesus!)

To celebrate an entire month of blogging, I have A LOT of pictures for you! The first set of pictures were taken by a guest photographer (but still with my camera), Anne Hall.

We had a history making moment happen to today and Anne thankfully captured it for me! Today our 2nd years taught the first year LIFE LESSONS class. We had the 1st years write anonymous questions and we randomly selected 2nd years answer them! It was awesome. Here are a few pictures from class today:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Oxygen was also very popular today! Amy and Andy tore it up in SPEAKER SYMPOSIUM and then Jay did an amazing job in Oxygen tonight. It was so fun! He talked about the UNDERDOGS. We had stands on the stage, hot dogs handed out, a seventh inning stretch lead by Chris Gothard, clips from MONEYBALL and most importantly, some anointed sharing about God’s word. I’m so proud of my boo!

It was a very full, memorable, exciting, typical day. 🙂


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